No matter if you need to express sympathy, gratitude, or deliver a personalised, heart-felt message, candles make the perfect gift for ALL occasions.  Candles bring joy to people for many reasons, from relaxation to home decor.  Their ever-increasing popularity only serves to confirm that candles are the perfect gift of choice for all occasions.
Envirsoy wax candles are the healthy way to illuminate your life.  They are 100% all natural, biodegradable and completely non-toxic.  Envirosoy wax burns up to 50% longer than paraffin.  As more and more people learn about the harmful effects of burning paraffin candles in their homes, they'll jump at the chance to use Envirosoy wax candles.
Soy wax candles hold their fragrance till the end of burn time as the fragrance is added and stirred through the entire pot of wax before pouring.
Paraffin Candles -v- Soy Candles
Paraffin is delivered from petroleum                  NV Soy is plant based
Burning paraffin wax emits toxic vapours            NV Soy is non-toxic & all natural
Burning paraffin wax emits a black soot              NV Soy wax burns cleanly
Paraffin wax is difficult to remove                       NV Soy wax cleans up with
                                                                                soap and water
Burning paraffin may produce carcinogens           NV Soy wax burns 25-50% longer
Paraffin candles do not burn completely               NV Soy releases fragrances
                                                                 faster and longer
Paraffin supports the oil industry                         NV Soy wax supports agriculture